Tuesday, 28 September 2004

Turn it to a Learning Object

Best use of Flickr tags I've seen (so far, today) via Abject Learning.

Originally uploaded by Bertrand.

And it looks like a yummy lemon pie recipe at that.

Click through to see what I mean. This opens up some groovy possibilities.

The "problem" of this photo-recipe is that it lacks several "usual" qualities of any recipe as an instruction material: no step-by-step procedure, no ingredient list ...

However, I would suggest it is one of the BEST way of teaching online. If you click on the image above and scroll down a little, you will see discussion by the online users. Granted, the website is a photographers' web-site and hence the discussion is mostly related to the photograph itself. If this "learning resource" is used in a cooking class, I suppose the discussion would be around another set learning objectives: ingredients, method of preparation...

On another more practical level, an online instructor (cooking class or photographic class) can base on this photo and suggests participants to experiment variation of the lemon pie (or the photo subject matter) and upload photos of their own versions for further discussion. Now, that's experiential learning!

This also demonstrates that the SAME learning resource can be used in different context (or subject matter). Isn't it that case that we always learn like this?

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