Monday, 20 September 2004

Google Ad as an alternate funding model

As I am an independent, lonely worker in e-Learning, I don't have the luxury of having a salary. If I can sell my ware, I can affod a bit of bread on my family table.

I am philosophically subscribed to an open model for knowledge. However, I do want to make a living out of the work I do and I love. I have been experimenting with putting Google's Ad on this blog since 1st September, 2004. Up to 17th Sept, I have generated 1017 impressions (so it is not a heavily visited site - yet!). There were 3 clicks and earned me US$0.68. I have 7 posts during this period. So my writing is worth about US$0.10 (or 10 US cents) per post.

Am I really this cheap? It hurts to think so...

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