Saturday, 25 September 2004

Multiple Intelligences and E-Learning

21 Years Later, 'Multiple Intelligences' Still Debated via wwwtools. The use of multiple intelligence has a wide followers from the classroom teachers, especially in primary schools. Teachers from my daughter's PS were among them.

Adopting the theory of multiple intelligence within e-learning can be a challenge for some of those intelligences (e.g. spatial, bodily-kinaesthetic), but should be quite useful for some others. Technology today provides rich communication choices - many different modes (telephone, mobile, sms, multi-media sms, VoIP, chats, conferences....), high bandwidth and di-directional. This would be harness to support, e.g., interpersonal skills.

The field of E-Learning has been focussed on life-long learning, supporting corporation in just-in-time skills acquisition. May be we can learn a lesson or two from the teachers who interact with young kids on a daily basis...

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