Monday, 20 September 2004

Cyber Security by Steven E. Miller

Miller advocated the establishment of a security team - to provide a safe online environment for teaching and learning to occur. Let me just try to re-interpret the importance of this work with an analogy.

I have not seen a physical school (except higher education institutions) that does not have a physical fence surrounding the perimeter of the school. When a parent sends her kid to school, as she sees the kid enter the school compound, she feels a sense of security. The "duty of care", in this case, the physical safety of the child, is transferred to the school.

In the online equivalent, unfortunately, it is very difficult to build this fence.

What I have written before is about the "duty of care" equivalent to inside a classroom. I have no doubt that in an online learning environment, the "adult-in-charge" should be responsible for the "online safety" within that environment. Whose responsibility is that for the safety before the child arrives at the learning environment? Or, whose responsibility is that when the child moves from one classroom to another?

Miller's security team has an important task - a very difficult task. I wish the security team luck. I will definitely monitor any progress in this important area.

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