Wednesday, 15 September 2004

SCORM & Distance Education

This presentation (I suppose, I only find this powerpoint like material on the web by accident) supports my view that there is value of developing collaborative learning activities with SCORM. (see my earlier post What I would like to see added to the SCORM specification)

I have said elsewhere (and the presentation) that there are three ways of supporting SCORM with collaboration:

1. in parallel - by running a discussion forum (moderated or otherwise) during the SCORM course.

2. use SCORM within a discussion driven course. When required, learners are sent to learn material (or get facts or viewpoints) in the form of SCORM course.

3. use collaborative learning activities within a SCORM course. The SCORM content would provide the focal points in such activities. For example, an online debate can be inserted in a SCORM course.

Obviously, once we add collaborative activities with SCORM material, the concept of "self-pacing" will break down. We need to introduce the concept of "cohort" and require that the cohort move through the material in approximate the same pace. Individual within the cohort still have the flexibility of accessing the material at any odd hour, but the task(s) must be accomplished within set deadlines in order to enjoy the maximum benefits from the collaboration.

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