Thursday, 9 September 2004

Free Spelling checker on Web (for Firefox)

It was a common Fablusi user request to have spell checking within the Fablusi interaction spaces (iSpaces as we call them). Obviously, it would be a very demanding implementation until now. (To implement such a feature, at least I would need to get some dictionary or license to use some dictionary!).

I have been using Google as my online spelling checker. When I am unsure about the spelling of a word, I try to guess the word and do a search on the word (or phrase) using Google. Usually, Google would come back with a suggestion "Did you mean: [correct spelt word]". Believe me, English is not my first language and I have to do this all the time. The bad thing about this is sometimes I'll miss words because I thought I know how to spell them. :-)

I have just installed the "SpellBound" for Firefox. (Firefox is my default browser anyway.) As I am writing this post, I just do a right click on the input form. Wow! The incorrectly spelt words are in red too! (Of course, SpellBound did not not know that Fablusi is spelt in this way and it also highlight "SpellBound" in red!) I have different language packs to choose as well!

Click on the title of this post to go to the SpellBound installation page.

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