Wednesday, 22 September 2004

Google Ad as an alternate funding model - Follow-up

Harold Jarche did the same experiment long time ago (shortly after I started blogging - and I AM still learning...) As a result of two comments, he stopped putting the Adsense on his site.

D'Arcy Norman also made a comment. His objective of putting the Google Adsense on his blog is to see the effectiveness of Google's latent semantic analysis. I am very interested in semantic extraction as well. But I will save this topic for another occasion.

There has been a number of suggestions for generating revenue for free lance writers, such as Voluntary contributions, Advertisements, Product placement and Government funding (see
The Street Performer Protocol). Google has made it easy for us to try the advertisement model. I suppose I can also add a PayPal Donate button somewhere to try the Voluntary contribution model. As stated in my profile, I am actively promoting online role play simulation. So I suppose my main revenue model is "Product placement".

That leads me to question what is the portion of each of these revenue models in eLearning blogging. If someone has done any research, please enlighten us.

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