Saturday, 14 April 2007

My presentation Powerpoint

Recently, I have been on the road.

On 5th April, Mary Noggle and I presented at The Eighteenth International Conference on College Teaching and Learning:
Creating engaging experiences for students demands time, resources, and technical expertise. Fablusi, an online role-play simulation platform, offers a solution with immersive learning. This paper details the design process of two role-play simulations, discusses both the pros and cons of the two designs, and highlights important issues for designing engaging role-play simulations. Powerpoint

Today, I presented at the eLearning Guild Annual Gathering:
Engaging Learning Experience Using Role Play Simulations
Engaging learning experience which delivers solid and measurable learning outcomes is the Holy Grail of e-Learning. Today there is increasing focus on the use of games in training and learning.
This session will showcase how learners learn while engaged in role play simulations. It will address ways to create engaging learning experiences by using mapping between game goals and learning objectives.

Participants will see how engaging online multi-player role-play simulations are being used in a wide range of subject areas, from political science, to US Army officer training; from South American diplomat training, to workplace training; from American literature training to second-language learning. You’ll learn the common success factors, and the lessons learned, and see how game goals and underlying simulators together can create engaging learning experience.

In this session, you will learn:

* The relationship between learning objectives and game goals

* The differences between stakeholder viewpoints and roles

* How to motivate learners using a compelling kick-start episode

* Framing the context to ensure learning outcomes in line with learning objectives
The powerpoint is here.