Sunday, 5 September 2004

The Edu-Blogger: ITI: Stephen Downes keynote

Stephen Downes is an inspired mind. I read his OLDaily daily. Marie Jasinski (re: Educhaos) is a close business associates. When I read an article about them, I have to respond with a small piece.

Here, let me just add a view on the quote from David Wiley "Instead of trying to organize learning communities, we should focus on how learning communities can organize themselves." There is nothing wrong with this and I totally agree! While "learning communities" is a hot topic of the day, please don't ignore the fact that there is a significant portion of our population who is undergoing an organised learning process daily. It is even more important to realise that our future depends on this group's success in their learning endeavour.

We should not stop our effort in finding the best ways of organising learning.

Quiz of this post (sorry no prize will be awarded to the best answer):
What is the "portion of our population" I am referring to here? :-)

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