Thursday, 5 July 2007

Learning to Learn

by Dave Pollard'

I cannot do any better than Dave himself. So I suggest you read the post.

Here are some gems I have picked up:

everything we want or need to know in the world is waiting to be discovered. That means it is waiting for us to be ready to learn it

Despite (or perhaps because of) our large brains we are inattentive, prone to erroneous prejudgement, distrustful of our intuitions and our subconscious knowledge, and we suffer from dreadful and growing imaginative poverty.

what we should do now is build our capacity to understand -- capacity of attentiveness, openness, imagination, intuition, subconscious awareness, appreciation of complexity, ability to learn and intuit and induce and synthesize and see patterns and adapt and let come and let go. And then show others in our communities why this capacity is so important and help engender it in them, too.

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