Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The Instructional Design of Learning Objects

This week's article in Learning Solution eMagazineis on an old subject which seems never die. From the overview:

Designers face the task of coordinating a considerable effort when they undertake a project that involves object production. This is especially true when the project also requires re-use of existing materials and content. This week's article solves that problem, with a comprehensive ten-step process that you can put to work immediately!

Unfortunately, this is another re-"discovery". Everything said in the paper has been discussed before. Some issues the paper have not yet addressed (but have been discussed before) includes:
  • SCORM issue

  • cross-domain content management storage of LO yet delivered by LMS at a different domain

  • look and feel adaptation

  • How many times must "learning object" died before it forever die?

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