Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Education Manifesto

This is way back, but nevertheless worth a visit.

Two of the 25 "rules" that I will single out are:

5. Education has no economies of scale‚ yet…
22. Learning is more important than Education

For 5, I will delete the final yet and replace by "ever" to read, Education has no economies of scale‚ ever! Learning occurs inside the space between our ears, individually at its own time frame and its own pace. Education can arrange the external environment, provides stimulations etc. But education can never create learning. Learning is the act by the learner. Period.

That, of course, leads to 22. Dude!

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kareem said...

thanks albert. we think that we can create economies of scale in the education biz so that rockstar teachers can have a much larger impact than they currently do, and make correspondingly more money.

100% agree about learning.

thanks for reading!