Sunday, 8 July 2007

Dr Kin Ping Leung

Please welcome Kin to join me in writing for this blog.

We have known each from the days when we have to hand solder our little computers. Kin started in the dip-switches days and I started soon afterwards with a Sinclaire ZX80. (Anyone still remember this little gem.) We have been good friends mostly because we share very similar interest, albeit Kin is more towards hardware/electronics and I am more towards software and information architecture.

Kin has posted his first post to this blog, "Learning Chinese R/W way". It is a gem!

Please look forward to his later posts, I am sure they will be as interesting as his first.

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Kin said...

Thank you Albert for the introduction.

It is my pleasure to share with people the things I learned from various people who are willing to share their knowledge. I will continue to post more lessons on Learning Chinese R/W Way.