Sunday, 1 July 2007

If Australian is to learn anything, don't learn this!

When I wrote What students should learn today for tomorrow?, I am explicit in that "Religious Studies" is ABSOLUTELY not allowed to be "taught" in any school at any time.". I assume so it should be with politics.

From The Huffington Post

DES MOINES, Iowa — GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, courting Iowa conservatives, found himself answering questions Saturday about the role his Mormon faith would play should he win the race.

Romney told one questioner at a forum co-sponsored by a Christian group that "we have exactly the same values" and said there is no religious litmus test for candidates. The former Massachusetts governor dismissed suggestions of a conflict between his religion and his ability to govern. He also hastened to offer assurances of his faith.

"The Bible for me is the word of God," Romney said. "I also believe that Jesus Christ is my savior."

If his future discussion is to be guided by God, we are in a big problem (because USA is still the world's largest nuclear weapon owner!).

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