Sunday, 3 June 2007

Strategies and Techniques for Building Immersive Learning Simulations (ILS)

The recent Guild Research Report on Immersive Learning Simulations (ILS) revealed that in the next 12 months there will be a projected 72% growth in simulation/scenariobased learning and 37% growth in e-Learning games.Though the use of ILS is on the rise there are still a number of barriers that prevent organizations from using this approach for e-Learning — from perceived difficulty in building this type of e-Learning to questions about the costs to build ILS to the appropriateness of using “games” for e-Learning.

I will be presenting "Engaging Learning Experience Using Role Play Simulations" on Thursday, July 19 — 12:00n to 1:15p (USA Pacific Time).

Further details will be posted when the event is closer. :-)

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