Thursday, 28 June 2007

Australian ISP nukes all hosted audio and video files every night -2

Related to a previous post, there is digged article with a comment by NinjaBoy:

"their multimedia files keep disappearing from their accounts" Where the f--k are they storing their files? On the ISP's server? Thats kinda like saying the cops steals my weed every time i leave them on top of a cop car.

I'm no fan of this by any means but today i found a ton of mp3's on my server here at work. Know what i did? Delete the files.

Well NinjaBoy obviously did not understand the situation here in Australia. Our ISP normally will not supply a static IP. So, if we want to share some files or have a website, these digital files have to be on the ISP's server!

The issue is ISP should NOT be the cop. Period!

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Downes said...

If somebody deleted all the MP3 files on my account I'd be very upset, because they would have deleted the recordings from all my talks since 2003.

Not all multimedia files are illicit content - so arbitrarily deleting them is a gross misdeed.