Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Dalai Lama and Science

While Christianity is in conflict with science (creationism vs Darwin's Natural Selection), Buddhism seems to be embracing Science very well.

Dalai Lama wrote:

Science shows us ways of interpreting the physical world, while spirituality helps us cope with reality. But hte extreme of either is impoverishing. The belief that all is reducibnle to matter and energy leaves out a huge range of human experience:emotions, yearnings, compassion, culture. At the same time, holding unexamined spiritual beliefs-beliefs that are contradicted by evidence, logic and experience-can lock us into fundamental cages.

To back it up, Tibetan Buddhist Monks were taking part in studies of the brain activities involving emotions. So far, experimental data showed that mind training (such as mediation), people can learn to control their emotions and remain in "happiness". See this and this.

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