Thursday, 21 June 2007

Image Hosting

Every now and then, I need to make some images available to an unspecified number of people, such as those reading my blog. Where should I put these images?

I hot-link to the original image if I can. (ok, I am stealing someone's bandwidth.)

Alternately, if copyright allows, I get a copy and upload to flickr. Get the URL of the image and link.

Well it seems that there are many choices too.

All you can upload allows you to upload your image, copy the link and post.

From TechCrunch:

Well known and often controversial BitTorrent tracking site The Pirate Bay has launched BayImg, an uncensored free image hosting service.

From BayImg: is a place where you can host all your images. We do not censor them. We believe in freedom of speech, it's of utter importance to us. As long as your pictures are legal they will be hosted here, but we reserve the right to remove images due to technical reasons though.

So for those images which you may have problem locating their rightful owners but you definitely have to use, you now know where to put them. :-)

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