Thursday, 28 June 2007

Australian ISP nukes all hosted audio and video files every night

via BoingBoing

Exetel, an Australian ISP, silently deletes all the MP3s (and mpg, mpeg, avi, wma, and any other unspecified file types they deem to be "multimedia") from its users' Web-site every right.

and from Exetel's web page
Effective from 1st April 2005 scripts will be run nightly that will examine all disk content and delete any multimedia content with the extensions mp3, mpg, mpeg, avi, wma and any other multi media file type.

We, Australian citizens are in general law-binding citizens and DO NOT need ISP to enforce anything. We can do it ourselves as we deem fit.

For those who are using Exetel service, there are many other ISP who will and do not delete your files. You can switch and so that you do not need to write the stupid email if you want your files to be available to anyone else on Internet.

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