Sunday, 24 June 2007

A good story is a good story even the ending is not what you have expected

BoingBoing has a post about a lawyer going after a DVD rental service. The owner has been publishing the email messages he's received from the lawyer. By part 6 of the series, the emails developed into unbelievable tones: [Quoting from BB]

Tourtelot [Lawyer]: Dear Mr. Corcoran [DVD rental Store owner]: I am in receipt of your e-mail to my client, Mr. XXX. I note your comments about me. I have a proposition for you. I will pay your way to California if you will agree to come and meet me in a gym, the address of which the limo driver who meets your flight will have.

Oh yes, the deal only includes a one-way ticket, as I do not believe you will be needing the return portion! Ciao, and have a good day. RHT

Corcoran: Are you proposing a boxing or MMA match?

I accept. I’ll pay my own way back, of course.

Any weekend in June works for me.

Please mail the airline ticket (departing from Logan Airport, in Boston) to the address I previously supplied.

I look forward to our bout (I usually do heavy bag work in my training sessions, but I’ll make sure to add some speed bag work to the mix over the next few weeks).

Shall we specify the same $1,000 wager that you suggested to Mr. XXX in your bet about my height?

Tourtelot: Plain and simple, pal. A street fight.! By the way, do you have a Black Belt also?

Corcoran: Please send the plane ticket.

By part 7, the situation took a very unexpected turn. (I don't want to spoil your reading pleasure, please read the series starting from here if you have time.)

As a role play designer, I found this example very important and a great lesson to learn.

A good story is a good story even the ending is not what you have expected.

A good role play is a good role play even the ending is not what you have expected.

ps Life is really stranger than fiction.

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