Thursday, 7 October 2004

LOW1-Day 1

Today, the League of World First Conference started by a keynote by a philosopher Lars Lundsten. We got into deep discussion about the existence of "virtual world". Co-incidentally, the way I put up my argument of the non-existence of "real" in previous post on Virtual Environment has been reversely applied to argue for the non-existence of virtual world. This is a good start of this small, but highly interesting group of virtual world creators for educational use of 3-D virtual reality technology. During the following discussion session, the role of "identity", "metaphor" and "roles" were examined in great details and the discussion was lightly and intelligent. I really enjoyed the session.

It is very pleasing to note that this group of people are all subscribed to a social constructivistic learning paradigm and are doing our best to implement virtual world in order to support our learners learning. To us, we have a common belief that our role is to create spaces (3-D space, or for Roni and myself, interaction spaces in our Fablusi role play environment) for players to interact. Roni contributed significantly by articulating the pedagogical procedures that we have adopted in Fablusi and it is very satisfying for me to see the approval of the concepts from the audience.

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