Sunday, 17 October 2004

Defining "Learning Object", Again!

When I posted a copy of When is a Learning Object a Learning Object? using the title "a belated little idea for paper 80" to ITFORUM, my intention was to point to the idea that "interpretation" is an enabling device. However, I also have unintentionally opened a can of worms about what is "learning object". I should have realised that when a title has "learning object" two times and only separated by a single character :-) and when someone else followed the thread by renaming it to "Defining Learning Object".

"What is a learning object" has been a hot topic for a while - I don't realise that it still IS!

I have written a number of papers on this, see Then came David Wiley's book based on his thesis (am I right here?) and many other including Stephen Downes' latest work. (Sorry Stephen, I still have not read your complete Buntine Oration, I am waiting for the audio version.)

The dust is not settle yet and I am sure it will be stirred up again. For me, I have to reconcile this learning object notion with my social constructivistic work on online role play. I'll explain how I keep myself sane in a later post. For now, please visit the ITFORUM for the continual of "defining learning object"...

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