Saturday, 16 October 2004

Comment on " What will her future be?"

Michelle Strbich posted a comment to my previous post What will her future be? quoted verbatim below:

Have your daughter and yourself read the following books by Robert Kiyosaki:

Rich Kid, Smart Kid
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Rich Dad's Guide to Investing

He has more books, but those are good starters. It will teach your daughter how to think so she can secure herself to realize how to go beyond being in the rat race of life before too many variables enter her life later (spouse, children, etch.).

Michelle Strbich | Email | Homepage | 09.28.04 - 1:15 pm | #

Thank you.

I think I have read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". One of the suggestion I can remember from the book was to accumulate asset and use the asset to "secure" the future. I agree totally. I just need to build the asset now.

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