Tuesday, 19 October 2004

ICCE Pre-conference workshop on role play simulation - reminder

4 hrs session with Albert Ip and/or Roni Linser

Simulations have been used as a tool for teaching in many areas and disciplines. The idea behind using simulations as pedagogical tools relies on the idea that experience is the best teacher. If access to such experience in real-time is impossible, an artificial environment may be, if not ideal, at least sufficient. This workshop not only introduces the participants to the “Rolls Royce” of online role play simulation platform, we shall cover the pedagogical underpinnings, the authoring and the moderating aspects of running successful, engaging and rewarding online role play simulations.

Target audience:
Any academic interested in providing learners with an engaging, fun and rewarding learning experience using web-based role play simulation. Required skill is the ability to browse the web and enter information using Web-based forms and a genuine interest in providing the best engaging learning experience for their students.

Note: We shall be showing off ALL the new Fablusi v2 features in this workshop!

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