Saturday, 2 October 2004

eLearning Design Challenge

Ron Lubensky sent me an email this morning, asking me to help promote the eLearning Design Challenge. I happily comply. ;-)

However, if I were to design this particular challenge, I would have phrased the challenge slightly differently. Firstly, instead of asking for a "15-minute online Introduction", I would relax the challenge to anything goes as long as it is online. Secondly, this challenge involves a hidden agenda which is an attitude change. To really accomplish this objective, we need to get the audience to own the change. By telling them however good the new system will be, some employees will already set up their defence as they see change is coming - and most people do not like change!

So, if you feel like taking up the challenge, post to Ron's site. I'll keep you posted on the development here.

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