Friday, 8 October 2004

Constructivitic and Instructivitic Continuum

I used to describe the formation of our holistic mental model via three types of experience:

First person experience is experience that we have accumulated since birth through our senses including sight, hearing, feeling (touch), smell or taste. Second person experience is experience that we observe. In most cases, the second person experience enters into our system via the eye and ears. Third person experience is experience/stories told by someone. The experience or story may be a first person experience or second person or third person experience of the teller. That is, the teller can tell a personal story (first person), an observation (second person) or retell a story heard before (third person).

If I put these three types of experience in a continuum, I would say that if the learning strategy is more on the third person side, it is instructivitic. If it is more on the first person and/or second person experience end, it is most likely to be constructivitic.

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