Friday, 1 October 2004

FireFox on USB

This is my saviour:

With the rapid popularity gained by USB keyrings and other portable miniaturized memory storage devices, the ability to be able to install a functional copy of your preferred browser has become not only a natural need but an opportunity to extend the usefulness of your portable memory storage as well.

John Haller, CEO of Web development company Rare Ideas, has recently made available on his site the Portable FireFox.

This is a repackaged version of the standard Mozilla Firefox browser that fully supports running from any type of removable drive.

John Haller has also made available Portable Thunderbird for all those who would want to be able to carry their favourite open-source email client on their USB memory device.

You can download the Portable FireFox, version 1 Preview right here.

Fablusi v2 authoring is optimized for FireFox (and unfortunately, still can't run on IE yet). The speed difference is so great that I am not interested in supporting IE (hence still have not put in the hacks to make the code works for IE). This firefox on a USB would certainly help us showing how Fablusi authoring will work.

BTW, the simulation player does not need firefox to experience Fablusi online role play. :-)

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