Monday, 6 March 2006

Resource and Learning Resource

Here are two videos I found in

They are interesting videos by themselves. If I am going to use the first video as a learning resource, what does this mean?

Teachers always reuse material whichever they can put their hand on it. Internet offers lots more material than ever before. Again, this does not change the nature of the job itself. Learning technologists said we should add metadata to the resources ("doo be doo be doo!" and with some magic dust, this will turn the resource into a learning object)!

As a teacher, I don't understand why I should do that, but anyway I will just add the appropriate metadata: year level: A-level; subject: Physics - surface tension, etc.

Here is ONE problem. Surface tension is *MY* idea of using this video, somewhere in a lesson on surface tension (I don't know exactly how I want to use it yet!). Another teacher may want to use it his class on dynamics, yet another may use it in teaching gravity.

Ah! Metadata records can be multiple, so there would not be any problem.

But, the subject field is a controlled list and "surface tension" is no way to be found. What? I have to look up the syllabus to find the exact location?

I thought I was trying to do the metadata tagging for the technologist. In the first place I don't understand why I need to do that. And it is so DIFFICULT! AND it does not help me anything in using the resource in my teaching.

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