Monday, 6 March 2006

Resource and Learning Resource - take 3

Mary who was next to me interrupted the discussion I was having with John. She was obviously distracted by my louder and louder voice as the excitement increased. She asked to join into the discussion, so I put her into a conference call on skype and introduced her to John.

We changed the subject from discussing how to use that particular videos into something else.

"I envy you guys. The video is so good! How can I find some for my class?"

Good question!

"Why don't we ask our students to find them for us", I suggested.

"Great! The kids are better in the Internet than we are anyway", Mary supported.

"Yes, we can also ask them to explain the video they found. That would verify that they really understand the theory behind the thing", said John.

and the discussion continued with more and more excitement.

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