Tuesday, 7 March 2006

The Changing Shape of Information

I said, regretfully, but with some apology, that the book’s days may be numbered. I expressed my preference that we continue to have books for a long long time, that they are part of my heritage as well as the heritage of our children. However, it is our children’s future that we are preparing them for, and it is a future that they will be choosing.

Very true. What we, as teachers, prefer does not matter as it is our children's future that we are preparing them to face.

The medium which carries the information is changing, and has been changing ever since human can communicate. The recent technological advances have made more information from more sources available more readily. That would have significant impact on how our children will make their living. There are new skills to be learnt in order to handle this vast quantity of information.

More and more data are generated automatically (data collection equipment, weather satellite, mapping images...) Many data will be processed automatically to provide information.

Among all the information skills, the need to be able to search boarder and study deeper is increasing. New jobs will require board knowledge in many fields, yet with specialist skill in one or more particular subject area. We should start thinking for to prepare our children to be equipped with these two seemingly contradicting requirements.

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