Friday, 31 March 2006

Learning is better than sex

First, is comparing "learning" and "sex" like comparing "apple" and "apple"? let's find out.

  • Both are human instinct above biological needs.

  • Both are essential for survival: sex for the species; learning for individual.

  • In most cases, they are both pleasurable activities. (Exception: for sex: victim of a rape, for learning: when material is jammed in. Both are about intrusion without consent!)

  • Both are hard work.

  • Both are social - more enjoyable with a partner.

So, Is learning better than sex?
  • Learning has no bad/undesirable or unexpected side effect.

  • Changing partners in learning is NOT consider immoral or illegal and is actually encouraged. BTW, learning in group is totally accepted in our society.

  • Nobody ever complained about other people learning in public and in private. Learning in public is not considered an indecent act.

  • Sex drives start as puberty while learning drives start from birth and last forever.

  • Normal sex is with partner of the opposite gender. No such limitation on learning.

Learning is better than sex!

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