Friday, 3 March 2006

.com, Verisign & eLearning companies

Fablusi, like any other elearning provider, owns a domain name ending with .com. This is a global village, we may one day try to obtain, but the .com is the MAIN domain.

According to Bob Parsons, (owner of and one of the eight registrars who oppose the deal), Verisign has put forward a proposal for ICANN to have monopoly of the .com domain forever with 7% price increase in four of the next six years.

I don't have first hand data to verify any of the claims made by Bob, but I am not feeling good about all this.

Top level domain name registry IS a monopoly, until someone can devise a distributed DNS system with does not require the top level domain to be distributed - of course, then we shall have synchronisation and all sort of other problems. During the monopoly period, it is up to ICANN to ensure that a reliable service is provided at a reasonable price. Price should increase ONLY based on need, NOT because it is a monopoly. It seems that the proposed deal does not ensure that.

If the monopoly is perpetual, there will be NO incentive for the monopoly to improve the performance. Only competitive pressure with monetary incentive will ensure commercial organisations to improve their product.

All these apart, .com is now a global entity. Why should the decision affecting so many be made by American companies and American courts? Shouldn't everyone have a say? Why turning over ICANN to UN (or some international body) not a good idea?

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