Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Welcome 30,000th reader

This blog is likely to welcome its 30,000th reader today. Thank you for your visit.

Since you are so special, can you please leave a mark here? Tell me who you are and what do you think about this blog? Do you have a blog? May I visit you too?


Downes said...

Whee, is it me?

Albert Ip said...

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for dropping by. Sorry, you were not 30,000th visitor. :-)

I have tried to ask the special number visitor to leave a mark. James Farmer was the 9990th, 10 before the 10,000th (19th Jan 2005). There was no response for the 20,000th visitor.

Looking back, it has been a remarkable year (almost). I have started so many thing and some are still waiting to come out.