Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Nano-learning (n-learning) is the future

On our way to the airport for my return flight to Melbourne recently, Bob Corderoy and I were talking and reflecting on the increasing number of terms that we were introduced to in the last few years purporting to describe new and innovating ways and theories of describing the teaching and learning process. We took out our crystal balls and would proudly proclaim that "nano-learning (n-learning) is the future".

So, what is n-learning?

This is the next BIG thing in the natural regression progression: from learning, distance learning (d-learning), flexible learning (f-learning), electronic learning (e-learning), blended learning (b-learning), and of course the most recent addition, m-learning.

At the beginning, it was the uncoupling of distance, then the introduction of multi-modal delivery, over-emphasis on one particular delivery medium, swing back to recognise the need of mixing the network-based delivery with some face-to-face. The value of uncoupling of "time" in the delivery mode was noticed. Among the increasing, growing population of digital natives, they value "always on". We also recognised that to the digital natives, "small is beautiful". The next time when you write about learning and want to demonstrate that you are SOMEONE who knows, remember to include "n-learning" in your work and cite "nano-learning, first used academically by Albert Ip and Bob Corderoy" ... then continue with whatever you want to say. For the authorative definition of n-learning, please refer to this post.

n-learning is the collective noun for nano-delivery of n-learning content for n-teaching and n-learning. Combined, n-learning covers the delivery of bite-sized content to small embedded device. Yes it's the "Chunking Theory" all over again. n-learning focuses on the reusability of content, promotes dynamic and adaptive sequencing of nano-content in multi-modal learning. We recognise the nano-processing capability of the learners (carbon-based cognitive capability limited to a handful of units and an attention span up to a minute). n-learning research will continue to develop technologies to cater for different learner styles, mood, motivation and context. Our preliminary research indicates that n-learning consumers have more than two senses exploited in today's technology: visual and audio. Nano-content in the future may be rendered as tactile feelings, warm or cold feelings, textual feelings, taste and smell embedded in nano devices embedded in the n-learning.

n-learning is pedagogically neutral as well as culturally neutral. By establishing direct connections to the nano-learners' the natural processing apparatus (the brain) which is already in m-learning mode, n-learning content creates a full-body immersive environment, extending the carbon-based processing device with silicon power including teraflops process capability, 100% accuracy recall of history, ability to search the complete human knowledge bank, and direct communication with any team member anywhere in the universe connected by Internet. This is a break-through vision to the future!

How to get involved.

Start reporting the future of learning and spread the news that n-learning is the future. (remember to cite us, retribution attribution is required).

Anyone ready to move further down the alphabet?

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