Monday, 14 November 2005

bouncy balls advert and education

from Edugadget

The Sony ad on the BRAVIA contains 250,000 multi-coloured "spuerballs" bouncing down the streets of San Francisco.

As I first saw it, I did not realise that it can be a good starter for a number of subjects as identified by Edugadget:

It will get the students’ attention as they wonder what it must have been like to actually be there.

  • Art/Design/Photography - Colour, shape, perspective, motion, framing, etc.

  • English/Media Studies - Storytelling, irony (simple bouncy balls selling the latest technology), evoking emotions, using music to set tone, etc.

  • Physics - Motion, gravity, friction, air resistance, etc.

  • Math - Calculus, geometry, measurement, etc.

  • Social Studies - What can the commercial tell us about the people who live there? What is their story?

  • Geography - What is the geography of San Francisco? What are some of the geographical features and historical events?

  • Technology in Society - Analyze how the Internet makes foreign commercials and other material available to us that would never have been available before. How does someone who has never been to San Francisco or the United States react to the video? What were the project management steps required to create such a commercial?

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