Friday, 4 November 2005

Serious Games: Games That Educate, Train, and Inform

This is the title of a book I should consider reading from front to back.

Here are two excerpts which we can read online right now:

  • Games for Physical and Mental Health

  • Interview of Kevin Corti

  • If these two are typical of what I would expect then ...

    as I research a bit more, I found that I actually have commented on some opinions from the same authors, see Proof of Learning: Assessment in Serious Games

    Ooops. I may pass this book.

    Anyway, the authors seem to have something to say. Looking at their background in Amazon, the first author
    David "RM" Michael has been a professional programmer for over 10 years, in a variety of industries, including video games. He is the owner of DavidRM Software ( and co-owner of Samu Games (, both independent software companies.

    After a quick trip to the two websites, so he is an experienced RPG gamer and game master. The second author is
    A free-lance writer/game designer, ... has been active in the gaming industry for over five years. ... written for mainstream and industry publications, ... a contributor to Secrets of the Game Business (Charles River Media; ISBN: 1584502827) on the topic of online business models. ... In 1996, she was nominated for a Grammy in music video direction.

    What a talent! But it does not have anything to do with education and training.

    OK, I will pass on this one. If you have read the book, please drop me a note to tell me if I have missed anything interesting.

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