Saturday, 22 October 2005

"you can't blog this"

by zephoria

So, i've gotten used to friends telling me that i can't blog something. And teachers. Professors always stare me down and say that i can't blog something that they said.

[my emphasis]

The rest of the post, and some very intelligent comments, focussed on the relationship of blogging and publishing.

I am surprised, and very surprised that teachers and professors are concerned about someone else blogging about the content of their conversation.

I know the dual role a professor has: as someone interested in helping others to learn AND as a researcher. In the researcher role, it may be of concern for "leaking some research secret" unintentionally during conversation. I can put up several good reasons why the researcher may not want someone to blog about something related to some research results not yet ready for wider consumption.

For teachers and professors, the latter in the role of teacher, I really do not understand why they do not want someone to blog about the conversation. Knock! Knock! Is teaching really equate to the shuffling pieces of information across?

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