Thursday, 13 October 2005

It is very rude to restart your machine automatically

I used an Windows XP (among other machines). This morning, as I was reading a document, the machine started to shut-down automatically and then restart.

What the hell!!

After re-boot, a little notice from the Microsoft told me that the automatic update has downloaded an important patch and the machine needs to be restarted -- after the fact.

Microsoft, given its wealth and domination, no doubt thinks that it owns the world, including every machine on which their software was installed. Can they just ask what the user is doing and/or at least give the user a chance to save the work first?

I also noticed that Google indexer runs only when the machine is idling whereas Microsoft's indexer runs even if you are executing computational intensive tasks.

Is it an organisational culture difference, or is it the difference between a teenager and an old man? (Google about 6 years old whereas M$ is 30)

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