Monday, 3 October 2005

SCORM Courseplayer

After putting down the project for a long time, I finally got around and updated the SCORM courseplayer.

Courseplayer will deliver SCORM-compliant courses on CD or DVD, or static web sites. Basically, I have implemented a light-weight SCORM compliant LMS using Javascript. The script will open the imsmanifest.xml files found in the SCORMcourse directory, read the manifest file and create a default table of content.

This pre-release version is totally compatible with SCORM version 1.2 (OK, I know it is an old spec, but it is the most highly adapted, right?). I have not implemented any sequencing engine and hence will not work with version 1.3. However, it does support the new APIs.

The pre-release version also supports the professional license (although the online license generator still needs some more work). With a license (put in the setting directory), the courseplayer will ask for a student ID at launch and proceed to capture any cmi data generated. The student should activate the [send data] before the end of the session and email the encrypted interaction data to the tutor via the email address in the license.

I believe this feature will be useful for supporting e-Learning in remote area where high-speed internet connection is still unavailable generally.

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