Thursday, 20 October 2005

A child's view of tomorrow's learning

by Godfrey Parkin

Godfrey commented on an US Departments of Commerce and Education recently commissioned study which explored how K-12 school-goers views on technology for learning. I think I have read the report before, but it is good to look at it again.

I share Godfrey's comment that the views expressed in the report from this digitally savvy group is

bland and unimaginative, almost status quo, not at all the kind of creative or exciting thing that kids should be coming up with. It sounds like something a committee of adults would produce one evening over tea and biscuits.

Godfrey further speculated that
this report appears to be written by those who only see what they want to see and can only understand that which fits their current frame of reference

kids can’t visualize what they can’t conceive

Either way, I think the US thinkers who really care about their country should take concern of this.

If it was the report writer's filtering which created this, and the government takes that as a blue-print, the funding to learning technology will be biased. If the kids are that unimaginative, the future is bad.

See my imagination for how I would like to work in the near future. The technologies are here already, just waiting for someone to integrate.

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