Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Role Play Simulation design worksheet v3

The version 2.1 Role Play Simulation design worksheet, which has been online since May 8, 2003, has been updated by Roni Linser and is now available free. You need to supply a valid email address for the system to send the worksheet to you.

Although the worksheet aims to help authors to begin the creation of a role play simulation for eventual delivery using Fablusi v2 platform, previous versions have proved to be a useful tool for designing more general role play simulation.

The worksheet promotes a two step iterative design process. The first step, called the foundation phrase, guides you to think about the problem or set of problems/issues, places where stakeholders communicate with one another in confronting the issues, and a prioritised list of stakeholders involved in these issues.

You are then guided to fresh out more details including the key ingredients in creating "kick start episodes", the combination or splitting of stakeholders into roles, using interaction spaces to create a power relationships among the roles, and suggestions about creating tasks for roles.

Further customisation includes the issues with simulation time, look and feel, role playing with concept of wealth, role play for "knowing who" and so on.

Please feel free to distribute the design work sheet to whoever may benefit from this work or send them the URL ( for download.

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