Saturday, 8 January 2005

Rapid E-Learning: A Growing Trend

via Learning Circuits

I agree with the author that there are at least two expectation changes:
1. rapid development of e-learning (whatever what that means), and
2. lower cost of development for effective learning/training.

Here I would like to draw the attention to the different needs under different situations:

In a work support environment, we like to have just-in-time, easy to find information on how to accomplish the task at hand. Typically, the right bite of information at the right time is the most appropriate. The information consumer needs no more and no less information - just enough to solve the problem at hand efficiently and wants to move on to the next task. I suppose such kind of bite size training and support needs is better served by an efficient database with good search technology for locating the solution.

When there is a product launch which involves some training of a distributed sale force, I believe it would involve in-house rapid content development. The technique mentioned in the Learning Circuit article would meet most of the requirement.

When we are involved in changing the organisation culture to meet new business environment, this is a totally different kind of training and attitude modification requirement. A information shovelling model would not work. One cannot ensure that
1. the people in the organisation would even read the information,
2. if they really read it, whether it can actually change any attitude is problematic.

Yes, attitude and belief modification cannot be accomplished in a day or two. However, in this hyper-competitive business environment, the faster you can effect the change, the better is the opportunity of survival. Role play simulation, as I have argued earlier, is an effective tool for such program. The issues of using role play are time in the development of an effective RPS, and the cost of running the RPS.

Fablusi is text-based. The development cost of Fablusi-based training is small. The average cost of e-learning solution, according to the article, is US10,000 to 50,000 per hour. In comparison, Fablusi's cost would be next to nothing. For around US2,000 to US10,000, we can develop a RPS catering client's needs which runs for around 3 weeks and delivers life-changing experiences to the trainees. (Ok, there is an on-going fee based on per participant if you run the RPS on our server, but again it is very small compared to the traditional e-learning program. Getting a Fablusi server to serve your own need would cost a few hours of traditional e-learning development cost - but provide you with a continuous capability to run your attitude changing programs throughout your organisation perpetually.)

Another good news is that we are going to develop "Fablusi Lite", a light version of the Fablusi server which aims to enable a 5-minute development of RPS. Fablusi version 2 has taken us over 2 years to develop and has slipped the release date by about 6 months. I have under-estimated the amount of development work and over-estimated my ability! However, based on Fablusi version 2 core, Fablusi Lite is planned for release at the middle of this year. If you want to prepare yourself to enter this exciting training environment, please download the design worksheet and have a go with it. I am sure your time will not be wasted.

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