Wednesday, 19 January 2005

10,000 visitors

This blog will welcome the 10,000th visitor today. Thank you for your support. If you are the lucky 10,000th visitor, please drop me a note. How to know if you are the 10,000th visitor, scroll down a little to look at the site counter, please.

I started this blog in August 2004. The past 6 months have been an incredible learning journey for me. I have learnt a lot, sharpened my ideas and made a lot of online friends. It is amazing to look back and see how much I have improved in my own thinking. This is a vivid illustration of the hand-on approach of self-learning and self-reflection.

I learnt my computing skill the same way. I entered the world of online role play also in a similar way. Learning and exploring as I go, making small discovery, progress and just continuous to amaze oneself, and be amazed, by new things that we discover. The writing of the blog helps to reflect on the ideas and helps to internalize the idea. What a great way for self-development, especially you know that you are sharing this with a lot of people.

Welcome to my 10,000th visitor. You are truly amazing!


James said...

Hi Albert,

I'm your 9990th visitor :D

Could you add me to your Skype contacts, we should chat sometime (being in same city / similar headpace!): jamesnfarmer

Cheers, James

Albert Ip said...

Well, my 10,000th visitor did not leave a mark here. Anyway, thanks James for stopping by.