Tuesday, 10 August 2004

Who should pay for education?

When the government was promoting the concept of "user pay" as funding model for higher education, I was feeling very uneasy about this. However I was not able to launch an effective counter argument. I came across this paper by Jim Blair. now, I will have a strong response when people talk to me about "user-pay funding model".

Jim Blair points out that from the benefits prospective, the overall society (i.e. the government or public purse) should pay because everyone would like to live in an educated society. From an obligation point of view, this generation has already enjoyed our own free education, and like everything free, someone at sometime has to pay for it. His argument is that providing free education to our children is an obligation that we should meet.

What do you think? Write a comment and share with me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Albert. Is it just me who can't find an RSS-feed on your blog? I would like to subscribe!

Greetings, Sybilla (www.inter-net-viewer.nl/weblog)

Albert Ip said...

Thanks Sybilla, this is my fourth post and I am very flattered that someone would like to subscribe to my blog. As I said in my first post, I am totally new to this area and I am learning.

I have now put a feed url at the bottom of the page. Hope it is what is required.