Thursday, 12 August 2004

Free SCORM course?

As I am preparing for the launch of, I think it would be nice to provide some SCORM courses from alternate sources so that people can test the compatibility of the Course Player. I went on to Google and did a search using "free SCORM course". Surprise! surprise! I found none from the search engine after going throught about 5 pages of search results. Not that there is no search results - just that there is no FREE SCORM course available, at least from the initial few result pages.

These days, everyone expects to find some information on any topic from the search engines. I am not saying that we should rely solely on the search engine to do our academic research and we know that no search engine is anywhere near comprehensive, but we would expect to find something, right? I went to ADL, there is ONE sample course.

This bets a question. Is there anyone using SCORM? Are all SCORM courses NOT in public domain? Not even some sample courses?

Readers, if you know of any free sample SCORM course, please, please let us know. In return, I will let you know that there are TWO free SCORM courses at website. So, if you want to find SCORM courses from alternate sources, go to


Tom said...

I have been looking for a free scorm course package as well with no luck. All I really want to do is lear, test some import functions, etc. Not poach the content. If you come across one, please let me know.

Tom said...

A quick follow up. This site looks very promising.

Create content online, export as scorm....FREEEEEEE

El Delo said...

SCORM etc is supposed to be all about sharing content and open standards and so on.

Instead it is rather clearly all about a "good ole boys" club of consultants milking government(s) and the ducational institutions out of huge piles of cash, while generating unbelievably huge piles of officious and technical sounding documents and whitepapers and so on that circularly reference each other but are amazingly devoid of real content or details or anything a[n] [software] engineer would recognize as a specification or design etc.

Meanwhile, the few examples of working systems or code or courses that exist are so trivial, so devoid of meaningful sample "code" that uses the "meatiest" features, so kludgey, and so dependent on one specific Java version and browser and so on (what the hell happened to the alleged platform etc independence!?!?!) as to be utterly useless.

That's why all one gets when one searches for any artifacts (courses, etc) that demonstrate any of the alleged benefits of scorm is instead hundreds of links to consulting firms that specialize in allegedly teaching others how to use scorm to create scorm content to teach others blah blah blah yadda yadda...

I work in commercial software delivering commercial products, and were our products even within an order of magnitude or so of being this kludgey, complex, difficult to install/implement/use or this hard to get information on and support, we'd be out of business in a week.

Utter nonsense, the entire mess of it.

Administrator: Albert Ip said...

Hi el delo,

Totally agree. A SCORM "server" is surprisingly simple to implement as demonstrated by the Javascript version in

There are many free software to convert courses to SCORM as well.

So to bypass all the consultant yadda yadda, just download the scormplayer, unzip the SCORM course into the SCORMcourse directory. Burn and send to your learners.

dedalo said...

you should search for OER contents, not SCORM, there is planty of resources outthere, checkout..

Marco said...

Thanks for that hint dedalo. :)