Tuesday, 17 August 2004

!dea-lab day 2

This is day 2 in the !dea-lab and there is a parallel conference starting next door. The number of participants in the interoperability lab actually decreased. But this also gave me an opportunity to engage in more detail discussions.

One of the thing I felt very good about a discussion with a TAFE participant is the verification of the fundamental assumptions of course player. SCORM courses are primarily designed for online delivery. However, for same sector, e.g. the TAFE sector in Australia, increasingly found themselves delivering content to the disadvantaged. On one hand, they want to keep their courses on the web, they also need to cater for students who may have slow or unreliable internet connection. On the other hand, the target audience will be better served by high interactive multimedia which demands bandwidth. Course player can provide them with a solution: the same content can be delivered on the web AND put on a CD.

A number of participants agree along similar line.

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