Monday, 2 August 2004

A random start

OK, finally, I am convinced enough to start a blog of my own. However, visitors please note that English is not my first langauge and my natural language ability is nothing but bad. However, I do hope that my message can get throught.

Why I start a blog? Well quite difficult to answer this one. Partly because I feel I like to join the bloggers, partly as a mechanism to market my wares and partly as a record of my personal journey in eLearning. Anyway, it has to have a start.

Why this name? OK, there is a story to tell here.

Many years ago, I was a Physics teacher. In one of my classes, I quoted a short story from a book "A Random Walk in Science" and forgotten about all these. Several years later, a young gentleman visited me at school. He was one of my former students. He bought along this book and gave it to me. Now, I am holding this book in my hands. A lot of memories come back to me. I suppose this is the joy of teaching.

So, I think calling my blog a "Random Walk in ELearning" serves two purpose: the random nature of this blog - I don't have anything particular to blog about and that this name gives me back a lot of good feelings.

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