Friday, 31 August 2007

USA as the most powerful nation in the world - how long will it last?

Not long.

China was weakened at the beginning of the last century because of its closing of borders - thinking that she has already got everything her people need. Leadership problem! Before that, China was the strongest country in the world because of her more advanced technology ("advance" is always a comparative term.)

At the beginning of this century, China is the world's fastest growing economy AND continues to reduce her population through tight (although unwelcome) birth control. (Compare with India for example who will be continuously hindered by its population demands.)

While education levels in China is still small compared with developed countries, China produces more PhD in science and technology than USA. It is just a matter of time for China to become more inventive and catch up in its scientific and technological achievements.

I based on these two observations to draw the conclusion in the last paragraph:
1. People in USA are still blinded to believe that there is a GOD. (See Polling Data on Science and Religion) Bible is just a fiction, written by some "men" centuries ago (may be with motivations unknown to us today). Even the Pope will get sick and ill. Only medicine can help. Prayers will not do anything. The real miracles are SCIENCE.
2. The urge of Chinese people to get education.

USA policy continues to drain the wealth of its people into a few rich people's pockets (Listen to some of speeches by Noam Chomsky, e.g. the world after Iraq invasion). Bad health care system (see Michael Moore's moive SICKO).

Welcome to the China Century.


Jake said...

People have to believe something. If we don't believe in God, then maybe we should believe in communism?

Administrator: Albert Ip said...

Religion is NOT a MUST. People don't need to believe in God in order to not to believe in cruelty towards mankind.

The greatest miracles are sciences. The fundamental principle of science is development of curiosity to ask questions - difficult questions AND keeping an open mind to accept answers as triangulated by people ALL around the globe. Faith, many religions in particular, does not foster inquisitive mind and refuses to see theories in light of demonstrated evidence. That's my major objection of religion.

Dean said...

However, in my opinion, China will eventually pop. Right now its economy is essentially a bubble. With its overpopulation, its govermental infrastructure not very strong, and if Shanghai Stock Exchange fails, bye bye China. Shanghai is China's lifeline to the outside foreign market. With PM Abe stepping down and PM Hu Jintao in, who knows whats in store for the Chinese in the future? Also, dont forget some of its compettitors, more notably the USA and India. With India sucking up most of the outsourcing from the US, its making the bigger bucks. China has been a manufacturing country; and it will continue to be unless it expands its market more. Also, its been reported that the income gap in Chinas society is becoming wider and wider between the rural folk and the city-buisness rich-men. Still, if China plays its cards right, we just might see a country usurp the USAs seat of dominance in the Economic market. But this is all my opinion of course; cheers.

P.S., yes religion shouldnt be much of a priority; i dont think in the last millinium or 2 it has given Mankind enlightenment, only war, lust, greed, and some other undesirable traits we commit to a god.

P.S.S., i like Communism, and think its something that is good for a total peaceful, utopia, but that sort of thing isnt coming that soon in the world. And unfortuantly, Communism is riddled with holes and i am afraid it wouldnt really sustain itself economically. And there is also the inalienable rights issue (for property, and prosperity, etc. etc.)

So thats my rant!

M said...

China has a long ways to go before they are a real contender with the U.S.,0,1035099.story?coll=la-sunday-commentary

Administrator: Albert Ip said...

When I said "not long' at the beginning of the post, I did not mean one day or two. I also did not mean one year or two.

Will I be able to see China become the most powerful nation in the world?

I am in my mid-50. With current life expectancy of 85, I would say I have a 50% chance of seeing China overtakes USA to become the world's most powerful nation.

How long it takes a country to decline? One generation of bad government!

How long it takes a country to become powerful and influential? My guess is about 3 generation of good government.