Sunday, 2 July 2006

The Stroop Effect

from Cognitive Daily by Dave Munger

Dave has created a little demo to illustrate. It is an animated GIF.

You'll see an image flash quickly, followed by a blank screen. As quickly as possible after the image flashes, say the color of the rectangle in front. Ignore any words printed on the rectangles; you just want to name the color of the rectangle in front.

There are two parts in the experiment. You task is to find out which part is easier, the first part or the second part? Here is the experiment.

When I did the experiment, about 125 people have done so before me. The majority agrees with me. (or I agree with the majority!)

So, what is the implication when we are trying to tell something to our learners? Avoid Stroop effect! In order words, make sure we provide a consistent experience throughout. Is that too much of an extrapolation from this little experiment?

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