Friday, 21 July 2006

A portrait of the internet’s new storytellers

by Amanda Lenhart and Susannah Fox

Some findings and some unanswered questions:

54% of bloggers say that they have never published their writing or media creations anywhere else; 44% say they have published elsewhere.

Eight percent of internet users, or about 12 million American adults, keep a blog. Thirty-nine percent of internet users, or about 57 million American adults, read blogs. What about the rest of the world? [my question in bold]

37% of bloggers cite “my life and experiences” as a primary topic of their blog. Politics and government ran a very distant second with 11% of bloggers citing those issues of public life as the main subject of their blog. What is the percentage who blog educational issues?

34% of bloggers consider their blog a form of journalism, and 65% of bloggers do not. 57% of bloggers include links to original sources either “sometimes” or “often.” 56% of bloggers spend extra time trying to verify facts they want to include in a post either “sometimes” or “often.”

95% of bloggers get news from the internet, compared with 73% of all internet users.

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